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Welcome to Everything Macedonia! It is our goal to promote travel to Macedonia, inform the world about Macedonia, and provide tips and tricks to making the most out of any trip to Macedonia!

Traveling To Macedonia

The team at Everything Macedonia has unparalleled experience in making the most out of a Macedonian vacation, and can offer a 'down to earth' comparison of attractions, restaurants, and helpful tips. We have first-hand knowledge of the main tourist attractions, as well as the many hidden-gems of Macedonia.

Macedonia has something to offer for everybody: Undisturbed nature, adrenaline-pumping extreme sports, bustling cities, cafes/clubs and nightlife, beaches, village tourism, museums, and best of all: Where ever you may go, you will be welcomed by the warmth and friendliness of all Macedonians. The hospitality of the locals is famous throughout Europe, making your travel experience even more fulfilled. 

History of Macedonia

Macedonia has a rich and long history. Remains of humans and their settlements have been found from thousands of years ago. More recently (in terms of recent humanity) the Macedonian civilization began to flourish under the reigns of King Phillip II (382-336 BC), and later his son, Alexander the Great (336-323 BC).

After the death of Alexander, Macedonia lived through very turbulent times, including Roman Rule, 500 years of Ottoman Rule, The Balkan Wars & the Division of Macedonia (1913), Yugoslav Rule, then the tough times that came in the 1990s with the instability in the Balkan Region.

Over the centuries, many millions of Macedonians have given their lives for the freedom and liberation of Macedonia, even though today only 1/3 of the territory of Macedonia is independent (Vardar Macedonia aka Republic of Macedonia). After the Treaty of Bucharest in 1913, following the bloody Balkan Wars, roughly 51% of Macedonia became part of greece (Aegean Macedonia), another large portion went to bulgaria (Pirin Macedonia), and the third part was taken by serbia, but has been independent since 1991 (Republic of Macedonia). The famous revolutionary phrase "Freedom or Death" was coined during the uprising against the Ottoman Empire. 

Macedonia Today

Today, the Republic of Macedonia plays a key role in the stability of the entire Balkan Region. Macedonia was the only country to leave Yugoslavia without war in 1991, and has remained the symbol of peace in the region. Macedonia has greatly strengthened it's relationship with both neighboring countries and the west, and has been able to maintain a strong cooperation in all spheres of society. From joint military exercises to mutual exchanges of information and experiences, the countries of the region have always been able to count on Macedonia to provide an environment where peace and prosperity can exist.

In 2011, according to a prominent annual World Bank Study, Macedonia was ranked as 3rd in the world in terms of reforms achieved in the 'doing business' index. In the list of best 'doing business' nations, Macedonia is ranked 22nd in 2012, just behind Japan and Germany, which are the 3rd and 5th largest economies in the world.

In 2005, Macedonia became the first nation in the world to have Wi-Fi Access available across the entire country. This was complementing a project named "A computer for every child", whose goal was to provide a computer for every student in the country, from primarily school to high-school, regardless of the location, whether it be in a big city or in a small village in the mountains. Both projects were a huge success, and Macedonian citizens quickly took the top spot in the regional ranking for internet and computer usage and literacy. The introduction of computers in primary school ensures that young Macedonian students will be more competent and competitive in the world-scale when they enter the job market in later years. Students in Colleges and Universities also qualify to purchase a computer or laptop with a large discount, due to government sponsorship as well. 

With recent economic growth, Macedonia has been able to fund it's own projects and development, such as the revitalization of the capital city Skopje, under a project titled "Skopje 2014". This project aims to bring the old flare back to Skopje that existed before the devastating earthquake in 1963 that destroyed 85% of the entire city. Many new monuments stand proudly to depict Macedonia's rich history to visitors, new museums, bridges, highways, buildings, a new airport, 400 new City Buses, industrial zones, and much more.

As Macedonia continues to develop and grow, we invite you to come visit & experience Macedonian culture first-hand!   

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